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Whether Izumi-san actually visited these places or not is unknown.

place explanation link to
‡@ Hakusenji temple A temple having "sen" or "izumi" in its name which stands for fountain. A guide
‡A Sensyuji temple Ditto Ditto
‡B Nishi elementary scool Elementary school Izumi-san graduated from. School home page
‡C blick red sky ôLooking up at the blick red sky, I whistled@in my home towniAnohohoemiwo wasurenaidej Map of the locations where "diamond Mt. Fuji" can be seen from.
‡D Kanai sake brewery Making Japanese wine having "izumi" in its name. Sake "Ohtori izumi"
‡E Hosen'in temple A temple having "sen" in its name which stands for fountain. Photos of the temple shown at the bottom.
‡F Nishi junior high school Junior high school Izumi-san graduated from. School home page
‡G Row of cherry trees of
Mizunashigawa river
The cherry trees possibly where "ôWe often walked in the twilight". (Tooihino Nostalgia) Enlarged photograph
‡H Hadanoshi bunkakaikan wZARD Screen Harmonyx Hadano session was held here on Feb. 27, 2011. Home page of Hadanoshi bunkakaikan
‡I Flandre A cake shop selling bread "Kuzuha fountain, using brand-name spring water". Chelsea-san's blog
Home page of Flandre¨here
TabelogiFlandre branch near the stationj¨here
A Shoin Univercity Collage Izumi-san graduated from. Alumni home page where Izumi-san is mentioned.
B Mt.Fuji view from Hadano Hadano command a fine view of Mt.Fuji, which would have been on Izumi-san's mind. \
C Ishida high school High school Izumi-san graduated from. School home page
D Maimai spring One of the fountains of Hadano basin springs selected as "national best 100
springs" by Ministry of the Environment. Springs have profound influence
on the daily life in Hadano. Izumi-san might have been named for the rich
fountains of her hometown.
A guide of the Hadano springs
E Shinseiko lake Near the lake is shrine of "Hadano fukuju benzaiten", a goddess of
scholarship, art and music, who is believed to make visitors beautiful.
A guide of Shinseiko lake and the shrine
F Senzoji temple A temple having "sen" in its name. It has a famous tulip garden. Home page of the temple
G A guide to Hakone An introduction to spots and events of Hakone. Hakone Navi home page

This map was originally created by Yuki-san, and arranged by moon for the web.
Nov. 5, 2011

All the images are used by permission of "Hadanoshi sightseeing bureau".

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